Come back to better.

Giving employees the confidence they need to feel secure and be productive.

LenelS2™ solutions—part of Carrier’s Healthy Buildings Program—provide greater security to allow organizations to operate more safely and efficiently.

Greater security means giving your employees the confidence they need to come back to work and feel good about their environment. Employees and visitors need to know you’re taking every measure to ensure your buildings are safer, healthier places.

Proactive Protection

Fewer Touch Points

Safe Occupancy Levels

Proactive Protection

Secure entrances are your first signal to employees and visitors that you take their health and safety seriously.

Self-Assessment Solutions

Simple, customizable questionnaires allow you to grant or deny access to employees (cardholders) and visitors based on their responses.

OnGuard/NetBox Cardholder Self Assessment

OnGuard Visitor Self Assessment

Entrance Control

Our Entry Point Control solution enables you to designate specific entrances to funnel users for daily health screening. Upon successful screening, users can access any door until the next day.

OnGuard/NetBox Entry Point Control Solution

Thermal Screening

These integrated offerings allow you to override access rights based on elevated skin temperatures for stricter control of individual cardholder’s access.

Invixium IXM TITAN™ Biometric Reader 

Thermal and Mask Screening

Intelligent dual-camera biometric and screening solutions enable you to grant or deny access based on camera recognition of facial masks.

Invixium IXM TITAN Biometric Reader


Pre-entry Screening & Assessments Sell Sheet

Pre-entry Screening & Assessments Demo Video

Invixium Body Temperature Screening Collateral


Cardholder & Visitor Self Assessment Solutions Data Sheet

FLIR Body Temperature Screening Collateral

Entry Point Control Data Sheet

Seek Thermal Body Temperature Screening Collateral 

All our screening tools allow you to leverage your existing OnGuard® or NetBox access control  system for enhanced entrance control.

A Healthier Future Starts Indoors

Enhancing Occupant Safety and Security in Today's Buildings 


Come Back to Better

Giving Employees the  Confidence They Need to Feel Secure and Productive


Adjusting to the Pandemic and What Comes Next

Access Control Solutions in Support of Healthy Buildings in the Age of Coronavirus


Fewer Touch Points

Employees feel more comfortable the fewer surfaces they have to touch, leaving them free to focus on their work and be more productive.

Our industry-leading touchless solutions are designed to work seamlessly with existing infrastructure, giving you a cost-effective way to upgrade your facility’s safety and security.

Hands-Free Mobile Credentialing

Our next-generation access-control offering significantly reduces access touch points by enabling employees to use their phones as badges, providing greater safety and security.

BlueDiamond™ Mobile Credentials

Facial Recognition

These innovative technologies help reduce touch points through intelligent facial recognition.

Invixium IXM TITAN Biometric Reader

Idemia VisionPass Biometric Reader

BioConnect Suprema FaceStation Biometric Reader

Iris Recognition

Non-contact, iris-recognition-based biometric technology is accurate, fast and secure, and can be combined with cards for multi-factor authentication.

Iris ID IrisAccess® Biometric Identification Reader 

Our new app lets users quickly determine their current location within a building, search for points of interest and use turn-by-turn directions for efficient navigation.

BlueDiamond Indoor Location Service

Indoor Location Service

Mobile multi-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security to physical access points.

BioConnect Multi-factor Authentication Solution

Mobile Multi-factor Authentication


Fewer Touch Points Sell Sheet

BioConnect Multi-Factor Identification Collateral

Idemia Touchless Fingerprint Collateral


BlueDiamond Collateral

Idemia Facial Recognition Collateral

Invixium Facial Recognition and Mask Detection Collateral

BlueDiamond Indoor Location Service Sell Sheet

Iris ID Iris Recognition Collateral

Splan Visitor Management Collateral

Safe Occupancy Levels

Maintaining safe occupancy levels is essential, and our software makes it easy to monitor and control the number of people in every area of your building.

Our innovative occupancy management tools can be tailored across a wide variety of verticals and requirements to fit your specific facility and workforce needs.

Occupancy Management

Our innovative software offerings provide data, reports, notifications, alerts and visual dashboards based on your facility’s occupancy thresholds and even allow you to restrict access to areas that are at maximum capacity.

OnGuard/NetBox Occupancy Max Volume Alert 

OnGuard/NetBox Occupancy Excess Prevention 

OnGuard Occupancy Board

OnGuard/NetBox Occupancy Count Report

Contact Notification Service

Users can assess their health symptoms, receive real-time social distancing reminders and anonymized notifications if they have recently come into contact with a user who self-assessed as being positive for COVID-19.

BlueDiamond™ Contact Notification Service  


Occupancy Management Sell Sheet

Occupancy Management Solutions Technical Data Sheet

Occupancy Board Demo Video


Event Management and Notification Sell Sheet 

Blocked Person/Proximity Report Technical Data Sheet

Invixium Facial Recognition and Mask Detection Collateral

BlueDiamond Contact Notification Service Sell Sheet

Zenitel Collateral 

Splan Visitor Management Collateral

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Just one pass of the hand over the sensor acquires four fingers in 3D for maximum accuracy and convenience.

Idemia MorphoWave™ Compact Touchless Biometric Reader

Touchless Fingerprint

Splan Visitor Management

Touchless Visitor Management

Reduce touch points by allowing visitors and employees to securely sign in from their smartphones through an app.

Event Management

Our advanced solutions allow you to temporarily block cardholders or visitors from specific locations and track all access events related to that person. Support contact tracing efforts by tracking access events for users and then create reports to identity others who used the same readers within a specified timeframe.

OnGuard Blocked Person

NetBox Trace Person

OnGuard/NetBox Proximity Report


These tools allow you to quickly communicate and execute a mass evacuation as well as keep tabs on users within a designated area outside the building.

OnGuard Blocked Person

NetBox Trace Person

OnGuard/NetBox Proximity Report

Employee/Visitor Communications

Digital solutions make it easy to deploy mass communications in the event of an emergency and create evidence files for video forensics.

Magic Monitor Digital Signage

Intercom/Emergency Communications

This intelligent platform enables you to integrate voice communications into your security system and quickly respond to critical events.

Zenitel Intelligent Communications